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The outstanding success rate of our stop smoking   program is achieved because the step by step process is really easy to follow.


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Listen to this encouraging message from Bee Milbourn ‘Hypnotic Voice of the Year’

For more than ten years as a consultant at a leading stop smoking clinic Bee has researched and perfected all the most effective techniques available to help you succeed. She has helped hundreds of people to become non smokers for life, many of whom thought they would never be able to quit.

Many satisfied clients wanted their friends and families in other towns and cities around the world to be able to enjoy the same freedom from the tyranny of smoking that they themselves had achieved and so Bee recorded the exact same process that they had followed with so much success. Now her methods help people in many different countries around the world to be free of the smoking habit.

“This has been by far the easiest way to give up smoking and I have tried most ways. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for helping me to get back in control …” C Price

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Now you too can benefit from this unique blend of psychotherapy, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Patterning) and all the latest scientific understandings about smoking in an easy to use stop smoking download. This really is the best way of overcoming those habits that have prevented you from quitting in the past.

You will be amazed that what you thought would be difficult will come easily and naturally to you —- giving up really needn’t be a struggle!

What is the Secret?

It doesn’t matter how long you have smoked or how many cigarettes you smoke each day this powerful stop smoking program has helped thousands of people just like you. In fact you can see some of their comments here.

You would not be reading this if you didn’t want to quit smoking so we won’t preach about how bad smoking is for you – you know that already. It really isn’t necessery to go on coping with problems & illness caused by smoking. Maybe you have tried other methods of giving up smoking and they were not successful for you. It’s true! You’ll never quit until you find out exactly what’s been blocking you and how to unblock it.

With this program you’ll understand yourself better. Using its easy step by step plan you will find you can think differently, believe differently and behave differently.

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It helps you stop smoking forever because it tackles the areas that no nicotine patch or drug can tackle – your habits and mental processes. And it tackles them ‘at source’ in the sub-conscious part of the mind. After all – you know logically and consciously that you want to quit … it’s the sub-conscious that’s been blocking you.

Does this stop smoking program work?

Yes! It is far more than just a hypnosis cd and it comes with Guarantees. Just look at the testimonials from satisfied users here and if you are not satisfied with it’s value  within 30 days  we will refund the purchase price in full.

The question is “Are You Going to Let it Work for You?”

“I feel absolutely fantastic. A brand new person.” N Jones

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What will I Receive?

A Unique Program of Four CD’s formulated by Specialist Private Consultants and recorded by ‘Hypnotic Voice of the Year’ Bee Milbourn

Stop Smoking CD

How Do I Prepare for Success?

The first two discs of this stop smoking CD set contain step by step instructions to ensure you are fully prepared. You will be asked questions about yourself and your smoking habit and you’ll be given expert help so you can demolish all previous resistance.

CD 3 is a wonderful relaxation track to help you to de-stress before your final quit date.

CD 4 is your quit smoking forever session.

What will it Cost?

Right now this stop smoking cd set is a real bargain! – Only $47.00 (downloads only $27.00) – better grab it now while stocks last – thats better than half price! – reprints will sell at $97.00

Included is a Special Bonus Track

  • We know that fear of weight gain can be a worry for some quitters and of course some (but not many) do but it can be avoided and a special track has been included with tips to avoid this happening to you.
  • Smoking is often associated with drinking and social events and this track gives tips on avoiding this trap too.

Extra Special Bonus

With this offer you will also receive a free copy of our acclaimed 82 page e-book “The Quitter’s bible for the 21st Century : Problems Smokers Face and how to Resolve them’ worth $27.00

4XCD set Just $47.00 (plus $7.25 p&p) Order at this price while stocks last

(Also Available as a Download here just $27.00) Do it Now!

“I would like to say a big thank you. It’s been a month since I became a non smoker and I feel released. … “I have been to parties and social events and have not found it a problem. My friends and family are all amazed and proud of me.” M Morgan


“I knew within 48 hours that I would not smoke again… I feel like I have more time in the day for myself and the freedom from not smoking has been wonderful. No more going in the garden in all weathers to get a fix and no more smelling disgusting and vile.People I know who still smoke look at me and can’t believe how easy I found it. You can see them thinking “Well I bet it wouldn’t be that easy for me.” G Morgan

Ready to Quit? Stop Smoking Forever, Order Your Stop Smoking CD set now and it can be on its way at once at this never to be repeated bargain price and never smoke again.

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